Insights of the Roundtable

Awards season is upon us! And as much as I love watching acceptance speeches, my favourite part of this celebration of cinema is the THR Roundtables. If you’re unfamiliar, every year The Hollywood Reporter conducts roughly one hour discussions with nominated writers, directors, composers, and actors.

What sets these interviews apart? The conversation. The first round of questioning hits all of the pre-determined notes that you hear on late night talk shows. But sometimes if the interviewer and the chemistry of the group are good, the participants begin to carry the conversation. The result is that we get to see some of the brightest minds, in a fascinating field, share insights into their craft. We were incredibly lucky this year.

Hearing passionate and intelligent people talk to others who share that passion is a rich and wonderful treat. This phenomenon is especially rare when it concerns professions that are under the microscope of public scrutiny. Not to say that participants aren’t aware they’re being filmed – of course they are. But there are moments when a particular topic or comment sweeps them away.

One of the most pleasant surprises was the gathering of composers. In previous years, I’ve made the mistake of only watching writing roundtables. Shame on me! What I found was listening to Hans Zimmer recount the origin of his creative process on Interstellar sparked creative realizations just as relevant as any caused by my familiar subject matter. The stimulation of connecting with what I didn’t entirely understand helped unveil the common themes in my own creative process.

So if you’re looking for a cinematic psych up, topics for serious thought, or a more productive form of procrastination, I highly recommend devoting some screen time to the linked videos.

Composer’s Roundtable

Writer’s Roundtable

Director’s Roundtable

Actor’s Roundtable

Actress’ Roundtable


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