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Casting Without a Casting Director

Rising Tide – Marketing Proposal


A fan/team engagement marketing strategy proposal submitted to the Vancouver Whitecaps FC.


Rising Tide

Thin Ice – TV Pilot (Drama)


When an NHL equivalent expansion team comes to Halifax, the question on everyone’s mind is why? Has a league hell-bent on southern U.S. expansion finally heard the cries of a hockey crazed Canadian town?

We follow a teenager’s journey from phenom to fighter, a Czech boy’s struggle to adjust to life under the relentless microscope of a strange new country, and a coach’s choice between the game that raised him, and a family that will have nothing to do with that world.

Script Sample:

Thin Ice Sample

RIOT – Short Film (Drama)


In the heat of his first riot, officer Parker Conrad’s act of hesitation has a disastrous effect. His line is blindsided and in the ensuing skirmish, Parker kills one of the attackers in an exchange that blurs the line between murder and self-defence. Devastated and separated from his unit, Parker wanders through the bedlam.

Instead of refuge Parker finds a seven-year old girl named Alice. Separated from her family, she too is lost, scared, and alone. Now as her protector, Parker shepherds Alice through the chaos in search of an escape.

Script Sample:

Riot Sample

Sleight of Hand – Short Film (Drama)


Nobody goes to magic shows anymore.

This sad truth has finally caught up with Jack, a talented yet under appreciated young magician. After an accident in his scarcely attended show injures his assistant / girlfriend, Jack loses his act, his venue, and his calling.

Taking matters into his own hands, Jack starts to offer performances in a far less traditional setting. As a thief and pickpocket Jack awes the public with dazzling feats of delinquency. This dangerous game might finally gain him the fame (or infamy) that he’s always dreamed of. But how long can it last?

Script Sample:

Sleight of Hand Sample

Toothless – One Act Play (Comedy)


Dr. William Thompson loves nothing more than teeth, which should make him an excellent dentist. The only problem is his hatred for the people who the teeth are attached to. All of this changes however when he meets Ruth. Ruth has perfect teeth, better than William has ever seen! He’s instantly drawn to her.

Now William must overcome his social weaknesses and unforeseen adversaries in order to woo the teeth of his dreams.

Script Sample:

Toothless Sample